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Question about some new weird noises from the engine bay.

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Question : Over the past couple of days I have noticed a couple of noises when I turn off the car’s ignition. 

1. The first one is like a electronic whine. If anyone ever had a car with an automatic aerial that went up and down when turning the car on and off that is what it sounds like but it is coming from the engine bay. Sounds like the left hand side.  

2. Something rolling in the engine bay - also sounds like the left hand side. It sounds like a ball rolling in there. Sometimes it’s pretty loud, sometimes less so. 

Anyone any ideas?

Cheers 🍻 

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I’m guessing that “point 1” could be the fuel pump priming, but that also usually happens when you open the drivers door, or alternatively the climate control configuring itself. 

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No it’s definitely not the fuel pump priming. 

I know that noise. 

This is only happening when turning the car off. 

So the engine has been running, I turn it off then this whirring noise and ball rolling about noise comes from within the engine bay. 

I have had the car 2 years, a Fiesta for for four and these noises are new to me. 

The snooker ball rolling about the engine bay certainly sounds wrong and loud, definitely a new noise. 

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Yeah pretty sure. 

There is no noise when starting or driving only when I turn the car off. It sounds like something electronic retracting in the engine bay.


The noise of the ball rolling about is definitely something new and I’m pretty sure shouldn’t be there. 

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I get a similar noise when I turn my Focus off.

I had always assumed it was an electric coolant pump. I had read somewhere that there is an electric coolant pump that takes over from the mechanical coolant pump when you turn off the engine to ensure that it doesnt overheat.  I have never really been that bothered by it to investigate any further so I could be wrong! 

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About the whine , it could be the automatic transmission auxiliary fluid pump , if yours is automatic , it activates once your auto start stop system turns the engine off , it creates the needed fluid pressure to keep the car in gear so when the engine restarts the car moves right away , it makes an audible whine from the driver’s side ( where the pump is located, and you can hear it easily if your driver window is down .

about the rolling ball noise , could be the AC blend door actuator , something common , it makes that noise when you switch off the engine

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