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Mk8 Fiesta Auto Lock

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Hi all. Wife’s just purchased a MK8 fiesta. Anyone in Berkshire able to activate the auto lock function with Forscan? Been told that’s the only way to do it. 
also does anyone know of the passenger mirror can be set up to tilt on reversing?

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Hi Rob,

Welcome to the forum... I don't know how myself, but I found a YouTuber named David Adams who has posted a how-to video. Not sure if am allowed to post links but if you message me I could point you to the vid I found. 

Am guessing you mean auto locking on driving away, btw? Think it's also worth noting that you can set the central locking to open only the driver's door at first press of the unlock button - I've always set my Fiestas to do that. 

I've no idea about the mirror tilt but am sure others on here will🙂

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Mirror tilt function doesn’t work; tried this one ages ago. Someone may correct me, but I think this only works on cars with memory seats.

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