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Centre console lights not turning off, can’t turn radio on or off without key in

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Hi all,

My Ford Fiesta has thrown up the strangest fault it’s had so far.

It’s an 09 plate, so fairly old now.

I noticed tonight that when I lock it, the centre display lights (little screen displaying the time and date and buttons that have lights behind, cd, radio, numbers etc) aren’t turning off.

I also can’t turn the radio on and off without the key being in, however if I press the menu button it brings that up.

Similarly, if I turn the car off with the radio still on, it doesn’t automatically go off like it should. I have to put the key in, turn the radio off, and then take the key out. (The centre display lights still stay on afterwards) 

Any ideas what this could be?!

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I should also add that I noticed earlier on today (before noticing the above) that when I plugged my phone in via the USB port it didn’t charge up at all, and didn’t seem to recognise that I had plugged it in.

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