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Ford Fiesta Ecoboost 2019 Glove Box Wiring

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I have purchased a Cat S Ford Fiesta Eco Boost 2019 from auction with some damage from the front and the airbags being deployed. Long story short I have fixed the damage from the front but the only thing remaining was the airbags. I paid some guy to change the airbags for me and he had to change the complete dash. Since the airbags was fitted I had some problems with the car. Firstly, the stability control warning is on and won’t go away and secondly the car functions like auto door lock and lane assist doesn’t work including the rear fans doesn’t seem to bring any air out. So I rang up the guy and told him the problems and he said he fitted everything brand new and re programmed the RCM module. I started to do some checking up myself and I found a dangling wire underneath the glovebox. The wire is a 3 pin and I have no idea where it goes. I have provided some pictures and I’m hoping I could get some advice. 



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im not sure if the MK8s have a passenger airbag light that tells you if its on or not that lives beneath the radio on the dash/ centerconsole, but it may be the wiring for that

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