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Hi sorry if topic already covered.

just picked up new custom 170 auto.

Nice machine, my main disappointment is when cruising at 70mph the revs are 2250-Freind of mine tells me his manual is 1800rpm at 70 and 2000rmp at 80.

so at 70mph around 450rpm more in the auto which will add up to a lot more expense. I’ve had plenty of auto cars none of which have revved high.

it does drive smooth and don’t mind paying bit more in juice for the lazy input but I fear it’s going to cost much more than a manual to run.

appreciate anyone’s experience 

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I've been researching these for a while as I will be getting a Tourneo Custom and the general consensus is that the Auto does use more fuel and that it also stays in the gears too long before it changes. Some people like it and some don't. However, it has put me off the Auto so I intend to get a manual. I don't think there is much in it but there are varying reports of what mpg people get.  My mate has a 170 sport DCIV with a manual and he gets about 30mpg, but he only drives local roads and about 15 miles to work (lorry driver, van is personal use only)

If you have Facebook search for a group called Custom Owners Group (COG), join up and have a search. There's a lot of banter on there but usually someone will give sensible answers to any questions that are posted.

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