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Titanium x ecoboost grill

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Hi everyone,

I've recently purchased a titanium x ecoboost and am looking to swap the chrome front grill for the honeycomb look. I ordered one from ebay however it was slightly too small, all the clips were the same as the stock grill apart from one.

Is this likely to be a dodgy ebay purchase or is my car just not right for this part. All eBay grills seem to say for Zetec s but I assumed it would just fit my car.


Any help would be appreciated,


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4 minutes ago, Luke4efc said:

Should just slot straight in, especially if it's a genuine Ford one.

There's a pretty good guide here if you're stuck


Thank you very much, must have just been a dodgy one, ford doesn't have my part at the moment so I'll keep an eye out. 

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1 hour ago, TomsFocus said:

Was it from Underground Parts?  I tried a Focus one from there that didn't fit properly...other people seem to rate them though so maybe I'm just unlucky.

No it was from car choice 7, bit sceptical now incase all these ebay sellers buy the same grill from china which will always then be too small

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15 minutes ago, Lewie226 said:

I’m after one of theses - humm are you returning it?

Yeah I've already returned it, I think it was a faulty product

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Did it come with the trim that surrounds the honeycomb grill? If the clips all fit in place the. It sounds like you’re missing the trim. 

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