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Headlights wont turn off

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Hi there,

I've recently bought a Ford fiesta zetec and can't seem to turn the headlights off when the car is on. I've looked in the manual and it states the off switch but when I do this, if anything the lights seem to get brighter. 

Does anybody else have this issue of can they help please?



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Turn it to sidelights, if your headlights go off then it's the daytime running lights (DRL's) you can see.

By the fact you had no idea what a DRL is, chances are everything is fine and your headlights are turning off as normal.

DRL's have been mandatory on new model cars for nearly 10 years now.

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2 hours ago, ronthekid123 said:



That is showing the Auto-lights position. Turn it anti-clockwise (to O) to turn them off, however the car will always go back to auto-lights when you next turn on ignition, it does on mine anyway.

Are the main headlights and rear lights on? If they are, then there maybe a problem with the sensor. We are not talking about the LED strip in or around the headlights which are DRLs These come on without the rear lights on.

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