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Hi Peeps can someone advise please im looking at getting a new battery for my Ford Fiesat Sports Van 1.5tdi 2015 mark 7.5 i believe,im getting like several batteries popping up and look different in size? Also price range from £56 to £354 on Euro 😵.Any advice please.

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as far as i am aware there are two different physical sized fiesta batteries, i would look at your current one, it will have its dimentions, crank amps and capacity listed, just try and find a battery close to the one you currently have, thats what i did when i had to replace mine

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56 minutes ago, Lewie226 said:

I was just about to suggest that site for batteries. I've used them for all our cars with great and fast service. It may be cheaper than ECP or Halfraurds. However, please measure your existing battery before ordering. They can get it wrong. If your car has stop/start you will need an EFB or AGM type, this should be written on the label of the old one. I'd personally buy a Varta or Bosch made ones. Varta may make your OEM one.

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