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MK7 Grinding noise in gear at low speeds

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Hi folks, Ive noticed this noise now for a while and not thought much of it, it is a grinding noise (more noticeable when gearbox is cold) while in 1st gear accelerating, It is not engine related I am sure because it does not do it when the engine is revved, and only makes the sound while in motion, So I have narrowed it down to the gearbox, So is this normal? my friend has a 2009 Fiesta style with the same engine and gearbox, and he says he hears it too. Also, while at idle, there is a whirring noise, but if you dip the clutch, it goes away, but some have told me that particular noise is normal, and again, my friend hears that too on his fiesta. 

Also, its just a sound, ive not noticed any unusual behaviour from the gearbox, just this strange noise.

Has anyone else experienced this noise? is it normal? or gearbox failure 😕


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