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Quaife limited slip diff worth it?

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im currently having my gearbox ib5 repaired as it broke and im keen on trying that this doesnt happen again. A nice guy in this forum recommended me the quaife limited slip diff for the car. Anyone else that has this piece fitted can tell me how is it? Is it really worth? Will it help my gearbox to be less pressured or its simply for race/track cars?


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not sure about the gearbox in that. But the diff is great for cornering so on a track or down a B road, it is worth it. But no idea on the gearbox, I think the diff still sends the same amount of power and torque, just to the wheel with most grip so your gearbox probably won't change. Having a diff put in a car after factory is quite pricey but getting one included from factory if an option, is a must in my opinion.

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