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Installing a Subwoofer to Fiesta MK7.5

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Hi there,

I have a 2015 fiesta Zetec S with the upgraded Sony Head Unit. I’m looking to buy a sub with a built in amp for the boot to add more bass to the car. How do I do this? I’m aware I need to tap into the rear speaker wiring that can be done with those splicers and clips, but what colour is the ignition wire within the loom? Is there any other way, like an adapter that’s simply plug and play from the factory unit, or any way that’s easier for someone with little experience? I’m utterly clueless, any advice would be appreciated. I’ve not found many good YouTube videos that show how to do it. Also I don’t want to be Soldering anything. Any help would be appreciated and if you’ve done if yourselves let me know if you found it easy.


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Okay what you need to to do is run a 12v power cable to the positive terminal on your battery .
then run a 12v switch live to the back of the CD player/radio use a scotch lock into the red wire .
then run your audio leads to the back normally red and and white . Then it’s just a case of wire it to your amp/bass fitting a earth . Then tuck all your lose wires into the plastic trim simple enough job

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