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Front coil spring fracture. Extended warranty.

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I've just had my near side front coil spring fracture, due to corrosion.  (Driver's side one went when the car was 6 yrs old but I just thought I had been unlucky).

I know that in the USA 2002/03 models had broken coil springs replaced under an extended warranty (Customer Satisfaction Program 03M02 - 10yrs/150,000 miles), but it seems that there is still a problem on later cars, including my 2013 model.

Has anyone had theirs replaced under an extended warranty by Ford, or know of any goodwill gesture offered by Ford? 

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Not a chance 😂. Your car is 8 years old and the extended warranty only goes to 5 years, and that's if you bought it in the first place.

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Thanks Luke.

That 5 year limit confirms what Ford told me today (they didn't say there HAD been an extended warranty for this item, just that IF there had been, it would only have been for 5 years). Maybe the USA consumers have stronger protection than we do since they benefited from a 10 year warranty when they had a problem with coil spring failures.


A very different experience from getting a front wing replaced FOC by VW on my 9 year old Passat because it had started to bubble with rust - not even perforated - and I was the third owner.

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