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New front coil springs - couple of questions

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Hi Everyone,


I'm replacing the front 2 coil springs on my wife's Fiesta this weekend and just had a couple of questions :

1. Given that I'm removing one end of the drop link, is it worth just replacing them at the same time? I don't know when they were last changed and there's no visible play in them.

2. Is it worth putting a thin film of copper grease onto the new springs around the base where they're most prone to corrosion and snapping? I've seen this mentioned before but wondered if anyone has done it and if it makes any difference.




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As a matter of interest what springs are you using and what was the purchasing decision based on, if you don't mind me asking?  I'm just about to embark on replacing springs, shocks etc both sides and the copper grease question is a good one.  Would copper grease attract grit causing a grit/grease paste to form between the spring and the cup, thereby being counterproductive I wonder?

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