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Aux connection/cable problems

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Hi all,

I own a 2008 1.4 Titanium Ford Fiesta. I’ve been having problems with my aux connection, sometimes when I start the car up after leaving it overnight the aux button on the centre dash doesn’t work what so ever but all the other buttons do. (This doesn’t happen too often). 

The main issue is I’ve gone through 3 aux cables now and I’m having no luck actually getting the music to play out my iPhone 11 the first one I bought stopped working so I replaced it with a slightly more expensive one which was working fine for a long time but then broke. I’ve now purchased a new one which was working well for a week then stopped suddenly. What’s weird is it can’t be the cable as I’ve tried it in another aux input in a different car and it worked.

All my other aspects of the audio are working like my bluetooth for phone calls and the radio but not aux. Has anyone else had this problem or might know of a solution?

many thanks,

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