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2016 Fiesta - Constant Battery Drain!

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Hi all,

Hope everyone is keeping safe and well - my first time here on the forum and so still getting used to things, so please excuse some of my ignorance!

I have a 2016 1.2L Ford Fiesta Zetec, just under 20,000 miles. Everything about it is fantastic and I love the car...however, I've been experienced significant battery problems for several years now. When the car is not driven for a few days, say 3 or 4 days, the battery drains completely and the car fails to start. The car does short journeys, but it shouldn't drain the battery to this extent and so quickly/drastically. I've outlined the dates below where I've had to call the AA to replace/jump start the battery:

December 2018 - New battery Installed (there was issues before 2018 but I don't have the dates)

April 2020 - battery Jump Started

May 2020 - New battery

October 2020 - battery Jump Started

March 2021 - battery Jump Started

Yes, I know the more recent failures coincide with the pandemic and less frequent car usage, but I've had problems in the past as well. For the past year, I've been having to start the car every 2 days, just to make sure I keep the battery alive (when I forget...it dies!). I've taken the car to a Ford dealership and they conducted a battery diagnostic for £75, and said everything was fine and that the alternator charges it properly etc.

The strange thing is, in the days before the car fails to start, I often get a battery symbol on the infotainment screen (NOT the dashboard!) - (please see attached image). I have all bluetooth connections off and never use it. I've read around that some Fiesta's have a bluetooth module issue - is there any way I can completely turn bluetooth off, as I don't use it anyway!?

Sorry to go on for so long - just wanted to hear everyones thoughts!

I appreciate your help - many thanks!


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