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Engine not turning over after "engine malfunction"

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Need some advice. I have a 2012 Smax 2.0 TDCi (140) titanium with 70k on the clock. I had an engine management light come on the Friday and straight away booked it in to the garage to be looked at on the following Tuesday (continued driving it over the weekend). Over the weekend I plugged a OBD2 to have a look at the fault and it came up with P244D dpf temp to high for regen, P042E, & P0490 egr valve stuck open and egr circuit high. 

The day before it was due to go in I was driving along when I noticed a lot of smoke coming out the back, I parked it up and before I could switch the engine off it cut out itself. Then refused to turn over, ignition turns on but nothing when you push the start button. The AA couldn't get it going, they tested the starter motor by connecting it straight to the battery. I tried the spare key and changing the key batteries. still nothing.

Got towed to the garage.

They said it'll need a new egr valve and the DPF needs to be sent off to get cleaned (which is what I was expecting) but it still won't turn over. They've reset the ecu and cleared the EGT values still nothing. They suspect there might be an issue with the instrument panel. 

Has anyone else had a similar issue? Or ideas why it won't turn over? 


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