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2000 posts - where does the time go??

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Just tripped the odometer at 2000 posts, it classes me as a 'True Ford Enthusiast', well to be honest, it's you guys that I'm enthusiastic for. The knowledge I have gained on here, and the humour often dished out whilst doing it - thank you...



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Congrats on this milestone. 2k posts in 2 years isn't too bad. 😎 :thumbup: The first car forum I joined actually had a special thread where you can pot these type of posts (1000ths). About 10 years ago it took me only 6 months to post 1000, but did slow down to 100 per month for a while. Now I hardly post on there.  It was so high mainly due to a photo game I used to play and enjoy.

I do wonder what and when those Profile titles change. I also wonder if there is a way of finding the member with the most posts.

Anyway, here's to the next 1000. 🍺

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