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Missing bolt rear suspension....how critical is this?

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I've been hearing noises coming from the rear of my Focus MK2 (56 reg) and upong inspection, I notice a bolt missing from the item going throught the suspension armed rear driver side. Rear passenger side, shows the bolt in place. 

How critical is this issue from a safety issue, and is this something an intermediate hobbyist can fix?

I'm not expecting the garage to charge a fortune but I'ld rather fix myself if I can. MOT is coming up and I'm sure general corrosion on underside will come up :/.



Rear driver.jpg

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There called rear drop links very easy to do and they dont cost a lot they sell them on eBay do a search for your year

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Some of the bolt looks like it's still there somehow, you can see the thread and the nut at the top. One of the bushings will have perished completely so the anti roll bar is free to move around.

That's definitely bad enough to cause some unwanted noise from the rear.

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27 minutes ago, MeAulPony said:

Hoping the noise and the unwanted mild "wobble" in the handling get better

it should do ☺️

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