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Boot unlocking - Boot staying locked.

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I once had this problem ages ago, maybe when the car was 5 years old, searched in the search bar but nothing jumps out, so......

10 plate Ford Fiesta.

For a few months now the boot was unlocking by itself as we drove along, it's been a right pain, sometimes it wouldn't do it for days, then it would unlock numerous times, pulling up and shutting the boot was a ball ache, only to drive off, for it to open again.....Anyway it's stopped popping open now, but there's another problem now, the boot now stays locked, even unlocking the doors the boot stays locked, yet if I use the key fob to unlock the boot, it unlocks it, if I close the boot, its locked, so have to use the key fob again.

I've checked the lock over and can't see anything.

Could the key fob be the problem ?

Does anything need resetting ?


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7 hours ago, Bobr said:

Had this problem with a previous Fiesta and it had a new boot lock fitted under warranty.

Not be a cheap fix then, cars well out of warranty.

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its not that difficult, you have to take the plastic trim thats over it on the boot lid off, then unbolt and unplug the old latch and the plug the new one in and put everythi ng back together, then test it, the plastic trim on the boot lid isn't hard to remove, the two smaller side bits (that have the parcel shelf strings up) are held on with 1 torx screw each and clips, then the main plastic bit is held on with 1 screw in the little handle and then a lot of clips, once its off, you can easily unbolt the latch, i had do the same thing in a Halfords carpark because one of the ford technician who had worked on the car when it was still in my grandma's posession had mangled one of the licence plate light removal mechanisms

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