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Vibration since fitting crossover pipe (ST180)


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So fitted my new crossover today, before fitting I also adjusted my turbosmart 50/50 to max hardness setting and only turned back about 3 quarters (maybe this might have something to do with it)


So on acceleration I can feel a vibration sort of buzzing sensation coming through my accelerator onto my foot, in the morning I'm going to put my turbosmart to how it was before to see if thay solves it, but if you guys can think of anything else I could check incase that's not the problem drop me your suggestions 🙂

No lights have come on and the car feels the same to drive minus the new sensation coming through the accelerator pedal.

Thank you.

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Anyone who has this same issue just loosen off the jubilee clip where the silicone reducer is and the 2 bolts on the crossover going into the engine block, give the whole thing a wiggle while pushing down and get it far enough down it sits flush on top of your engine block. 

Tighten everything up and you're good to go. Hope this helps someone.

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