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Ford fiesta Mk8 No power, Immobiliser Issue???

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SO my wife came back to her car after doing some shopping to find her key wouldn't unlock the car!!  So brought out the spare Key thinking it was a battery issue with the key but the spare wouldn't unlock either! Opened the door manually, but when using either of the key in the ignition it remained totally dead. So thought ah battery might be flat. So tried connecting up jump leads from my car still nothing, tried disconnecting the battery and connecting lead direct to my car in case the battery was knackered and pulling the voltage down, still nothing! Went through the fuse box to check nothing was blown, all ok! 

 At this point we called the AA as we weren't sure what else to do. approximately 45 minutes later, whilst waiting in the car, the alarm suddenly started going off, and everything powered up and she started the car first try. She drove home no problem, outside the house we stopped and started it several times, locked and unlocked no problem whatsoever. Locked it up went inside. 20 mins later alarm starts going of and the car is totally dead again???? Had to disconnect the battery to turn the alarm off. 

So I took the battery to work charged it over night, reconnected it in the morning car was fine started, locked etc. Again 20 mins later alarm sounded and car is dead?????     Obviously looks like I'm going to have to take it to the dealers (if I can get it there) just wondered if anyone else knows of an issue??? 

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