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Very slow coolant leak


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Hi I'm new here but hopefully some one can help I have slow coolant leak and I think I might of possible found were it's coming from please have a look at the picture all answers will be great full, if you need any more pics please ask, this is on my right side of my engine and I think this hose attaches to bottom of radiator 


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Hi Clifton,

I wouldn't like to make too much of a judgement based on your pic  - I'm not mechanical enough & other members will be better at that.

But I note you have a Fiesta with the 1.6tdci, and wanted to suggest you could check the thermostat housing as that's a frequent source of coolant leaks from that engine - my 2 previous Fiestas had the 1.6 diesel and both needed them replacing. 

Just a thought...🙂

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