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Transit mk7 350 140 2.4 rwd. Engine malfunction clears with indicator reset

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 Sorry il explain the best I can. I have mk7 transit 2.4 rwd 350 140 2011. It started when I first bought van noticed engine malfunction light started displaying before start. I also had problem with hot start which 1 mechanic thought was injectors. replaced all 4 but turned out to be crank shaft sensor. Engine malfunction Clears after you hit reset button and doesn't come on until your stop and restart van again. The van starts and drives perfect. Ended up getting ford boy to take a look to see why I had problem with hot start he put software on and said was pto switch only fault coming up and this was common issue. He checked fuel pressure thats perfect. Then said was doing pilot learn but because the van wouldnt start then with hot start he couldn't complete. Told me sync was coming up no and could be timing issue. Crankshaft sensor was the fault. He ended being on the sick and couldn't finish helping me. So now I'm left with the van starting first time every start and driving well but still have engine malfunction with mot less then month away and worried they will fail with this light displaying. Any advice please id very much appreciate it on what to have done next which should clear this error. Thanks

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