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Engine refresh / rebuild

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Hi new on here. I'm looking for any advice as I've recently bought a high mileage st150 it was cheap for a reason needed new gear cables sorted now but the car uses oil and has a slight rattle at 3k on motorway 🙄. Otherwise the car itself looks drives mint so I've purchased another engine 91k to rebuild on a budget. I've got experience at building engines cvh crossflow etc but any advice on what internals gaskets etc to use I've seen forged rods on ebay at sensible money but unsure of quality cheers ron

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Found the first fault on my new engine today very loose timing chain so time to source a timing lock tool and new chain gears and guides tensioner etc. Other than that tho engine looks very clean good oil no top end wear so fingers crossed the rest is this good 🙄

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Have a look at parts on AutoDoc or another reputable website/merchant. Don't use eBay for engine parts - they tend to be made of chocolate. 

Car parts catalog for FORD Fiesta Mk5 Hatchback (JH1, JD1, JH3, JD3) ST150 2.0 with engine capacity of 150 hp (autodoc.co.uk) 

Here is the link to the site. Kolbenschmidt make some good quality bearings. Make sure to check the part numbers for EVERYTHING you buy to make sure that it all fits and you don't have hassle with sending things back. 

When working on any duratec engine (or any engine in general), make sure to torque and gap everything correctly, and grind the piston rings to the correct specification. It doesn't hurt to check everything more than twice in order to protect your investment. Check all fuel lines, injectors and compression test every cylinder before you start it for the first time. Then you have a chance to tweak anything if you have any gremlins before you run fuel through it. 

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Cheers I'll take a look on the site going to be a budget rebuild but i want it to last so might have to up the budget. Buy cheap buy twice is never fun

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