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Hi All,

To be proactive I have purchased and started fitting a new head unit for my focus mk 1.

Bought a pioneer unit with android auto to make life easier on my lengthy road trips.

It already had an iso wiring harness and steering wheel control adapter as it had an aftermarket sony unit,

I connected it all up and was working perfectly until I switched off the car,

I checked fuses on the unit, interior fuse box and main fuse box and all appeared to be fine.

I also checked with the sony unit to make sure I hadn't killed the new head unit and that did not power on either.

Does anybody have any idea on what could have happened or potential causes? or point me to another thread that may help?


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Have you checked the voltages and earth on the fitted car connector, and at the other end of the ISO connector ?

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Thanks for responding Paul, been super busy with work and moving so haven't been able to check yet.

Hopefully should have some time this weekend to dig out the multimeter to check and get back to you on that, otherwise I'll be making a call to a friend who's more adept at this stuff

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