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Help!! 2007 tdci transit just about started, along with engine banging and smoke

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Hi guys.

I'm new here so please bare with me!

Posting on behalf of my boss.

We have a 2007 tdci transit that has broken down on us yesterday, we was driving along fine, no known issues apart from a split coolant pipe so we're loosing abit of coolant, and know where we are loosing jt from and have been keeping it topped up, so I'm pretty sure it's not related.

We parked at the job, returned to the van 20 minutes later  and she didn't want to start at all.

I gave it a few revs whilst turning over  and she coughed into action, smoke bellowing from exhaust, genuinely disturbing Engine knock along with a exorcist like shake on the engine  can also see some blue/white smoke from the engine.

And when revving  its just coughing and spluttering, kinda concerned here, due to get it recovered tomorrow, but kind of have a hand for mechanicall work as I've done some college when i was a younger lad.

So if it was a injector or something that I can resolve at the roadside i would most definitely try to do this. 

But I'm mainly here to see if any of you fine well Knowledgeable geezers out there can help us!!


Cheers lads. 



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