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Ford Fiesta MK7 stereo help

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Hi All,


I have the early 2013 fiesta Style. The stereo doesn't have the phone option at present (appears to be the basic or standard radio)

I've opened up under the passenger seat and no sign of a black box module... Is this something I'm going to have to install for using a upgraded Bluetooth stereo?




this is the radio im looking to upgrade it to...








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the black box under the glovebox is the sync module, it is also bluetooth, considering your upgrade, you won't need that module, especially as it says in the product description not sync compatibile. i would reccomend getting the android auto/ apple carplay adapters especially as its only running android 9 (currently latest released android is android 11) and so the radio will become virtually useless otherwise

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1 hour ago, Neb_engineer said:

also side note, why have you got so many cables going accross the vent?

my current sat nav sticks to window and plugs into lighter socket lol


thanks for the help

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you know its actually a lot easier than you would think to run cables under the dash in the MK7/ 7.5, i did it to get the cable for the screen for my reversing camera out of sight

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