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Musty smell from air vents

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Hi, We have a 2009 ford galaxy & we are getting a musty smell from the air vents. The ac has been recharged & checked & has been sanitised, but the smell comes back. I've done all the usual checks, but cannot locate what is causing the problem. It's a great car, but the smell is driving me mad. Does anyone have any pointers please?





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I'm assuming that you have checked/changed the cabin filter. The only thing i can think of is change the cabin filter if needed and use a air conditioning cleaner that you use in the cabin and follow the instructions in the can. Something like this should work. https://www.eurocarparts.com/p/triple-qx-aircon-sanitiser-100ml-542772970?gclid=Cj0KCQjwi7yCBhDJARIsAMWFScMRDfqnrOoPPAvh2-EM_RGn1D1eVW3rca3aHSPIRGR1qsmCU9Jns5caAnpeEALw_wcB 

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I expect the garage used an aerosol can such as that above to 'sanitize' the system when doing the regas.

If that didn't work you'll have to pay a bit more for the foam type such as this Wurth stuff. Wurth Air Conditioning Disinfectant Spray 300mls can INCLUDES PIPE | eBay


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Thanks for the replies. I've tried several types of air con bomb & the garage used a more sophisticated sanitizing system & changed the cabin filter as well. It's very frustrating.

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