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Today, Ford announced it will manufacture the diesel engines for its new line of Transit Custom vans at the famous factory in Dagenham in preparation for the vehicle’s launch in 2023.

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15 hours ago, TomsFocus said:

Does seem a bit weird to only be making an outgoing engine...will people even be able to drive diesel transits in cities in a few years time?

I guess Ford have got all bases covered with the 2023 Transit being also available as full electric and PHEV, the diesel is MHEV I believe. Inner city deliveries will probably go all electric fairly quickly the way we are going with ULEZs and so on, but Ford seem to believe there will be ongoing demand for diesel for some time yet, which should give the Dagenham engine plant a few more years.

Don't know what will happen after that, though. A lot of the old car plant has or is being redeveloped for housing already I believe. 

15 hours ago, TomsFocus said:

I do appreciate that this is emphasising the 'non EU' trade deals though... :biggrin:

Lol, yes, I don't think that is the most pro-EU site from some of the other headlines on there, but we'd better keep away from politics on here!😀

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1 hour ago, Eric Bloodaxe said:

A lot of the old car plant has or is being redeveloped for housing already I believe. 

That's cool, I wonder if they're going to name the roads after models as with the old BL plants.

Can see a lot of interest in Cougar Street!  Probably not so much in Probe Alley... 

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I hope with all my heart diesel engines will never die!!!

Modern diesel engines meet euro 6.2 standards and i still can't see the reason of their future extinction.

Gas emmisions are tending to be lower and lower, so i think that an engine that complies with the EURO standards has no reason to extinct due to the higher profit of a modern technology such as electric powered cars.

The fuel consumption in small engines, such as the 1,5 lt ecoblue, is low and the fumes from the exchaust have been vanished years ago.

Batteries from the other hand, are too expensive to be changed after 7-8 years of charging and companies use more heavy metals to be produced. Environment pollution will be the same and worst, but this time ground and water are the main targets of the heavy metal of the battery construction remainings.

So batteries pollute also in a big grade!!

Diesel engines must survive!!!!

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