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2010 focus 1.6 tcdi EGR valve issues

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I'm wondering if anyone can help....

Car started juddering at low revs but not any lights, tried fuel cleaners made minimal differnce.

then i got P042E Code (EGR valve stuck open) so i tool the EGR off and cleaned it. re fitted no juddering but once the engine got warm it went into limp mode.

so purchase a new EGR and fitted the juddering returned instantly but no lights yet. put my odb2 reader in and its show P042F (but no EML)

After some reading i think i need to reset the values, i dont have a forscan system can i just disconnect the battery?

if ths dont work i'm goning to blank it off.

Any help and advice would be much appriciated 🙂



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Have you cleared the code and it's now come back again?

Blanking it off will probably cause more issues with the EML than actually fixing the EGR.

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You need to reset the values with forscan or your car will keep coming up with fault codes and go into limp mode, disconnecting the battery will not work. 

I blanked the egr off on my 2011 1.6 TDCi mk2.5 and never had an issue in the 5 years it's been fitted. 

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