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Hi, I have a 07 Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec. A few weeks ago I had issues with the engine management light staying on. The Engine system light would come on randomly and the car would slow down or judder, on turning the engine off for a while it would start up ok, but there was always this random issue.

I took the car to a local garage who I always go to. They looked at it and said it was an ECU problem. It was sent away to be fixed and it would take a week.

I dont know who it was sent to but they couln't fix it, something to do with an error code, and they sent it to a repair shop in the Midlands.

The repair shop also couldn't fix it and have since sent it to the Netherlands for repair.

So three weeks later I am still without the car.

Any ideas why the ECU is such a problem to fix and why they would be need to send it to the Netherlands for repair?

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