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Alternator smart plug wires

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I have been having a problem with my alternator on my car the battery light stays on and after a while the battery runs flat, i have a new vatra blue battery on  and including the original i am on my 3rd alternator and i get the same error message 0625 on the torque app . I have checked the fuses and the ones  behind the battery tray and cleaned them up still no joy .Last year i changed the smart plug and i know i did that correctly but the first thing a vehicle electrician said was "i have to ask but you did wire these up right? " Like i say this was last year and my memory is not what it was😊 . So could someone please put me out of my misery and please tell me which colour on the plug corresponds to which colour on the car ? If it helps when this prob first started to happen the battery light started to flicker while i was driving the car then stayed on by the time i got home  which makes me think it was not a fuse  . but now i am stumped 

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No one had this prob? it is off to ford to see if they can find the issue i am beginning to think that unless you fit a genuine alternator these cars throw up a fault 

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