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Error code H025- heater control circuit bank1 sensor 1 . 2003 Fusion.

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  • Telboy04 changed the title to Error code H025- heater control circuit bank1 sensor 1 . 2003 Fusion.

Never had anything to do with these on my fusion, but i did on my 4x4 suzuki a few years ago.

After looking up the subject in more detail, i believe this is the lambda sensor, similar size of a spark plug with 3 wires fed to it.

Apparently it is attached to the exhaust manifold or the down pipe before the cat.

I suspect the fiestas and pugs will be the same - if same engine is used. I was reading that there were issues with water running from the windscreen

onto the sensor plug, as well as fuse for it being blown. I do know that the sensor has a heater element inside it.

It would also help if you mentioned what engine you have, which may attract more answers.


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Thanks for your help I have found it ,like you said on the top of the exhaust manifold. I am having trouble getting the air filter.  Cover off,it  should just lift off after removing two bolts and unclipping a couple of pipes supposed to be just on a couple of pegs, Movement one side  but I just can’t budge it,

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