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Hi all, I'm a new owner of an ex AA 66 plate courier.. very pleased with it so far.

I'm thinking of removing the bulkhead... it looks like it's in two parts, is this the case? Can you just remove the top part or is it also stuck together with sikaflex or something on the middle seam? 

Any info would be great thank you 


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Have you taken out an RAC membership just encase you have any problems ? 😉

I don't think your bulkhead will be stuck together so the top should come apart. Just be awear that it is now a legal requirement with all vans that there must be some form of protection (bulkhead / mesh screen) behind the drivers seat that will protect the driver from being hit in the back by the load in the event of a crash or emergency stop. I think the check is now included with the MOT test. It applies to all vans where the load area and cab are open.

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Hi. Thanks for the reply.. I thought that that may of been the case about the mot. My old escort and astra Van's  didn't have bulkheads but that was an age ago! I will look into it.


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You can have half a bulkhead (vertical) so long as it is behind the driver. Think it came in to effect from 51 Reg

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