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I Have a Ford Fiesta MK2  Its only done 60165 Miles. It had been stood within a Garage  since 2016 I Have searched for Both Drive shafts online but  I Cannot get the Two shafts anywhere  Now I was told that one could buy Universal Joints to repair the existing Drive shafts I Searched on  eBay for the MK2 Universal Joints but again to no avail Unless MK2 Looks or shows itself as Like MK11 IF MK2 Looks Like M11 then I Just might Be onto something Lucky so please can anyone  advise me on that Matter  If  the Forum his Happy Me Putting My email  so as to have a quick reply  My email roland.mitchell1192@gmail.com   Is MKII the same as Mk2

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The current version of the fiesta is usually referred to as the MK8.

There is no MK eleven.

As mentioned above the MKII is a MK 2 using roman numerals.


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Are you searching for a CV (Constant Velocity) or a UJ (Universal joint) ?

They are CV joints, not UJs


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