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2017 Galaxy possibly overcharged

Ryan B 1990

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Hi guys. I was looking for a bit of advice about my situation. I recently bought a 2017 Ford Galaxy with 92000 miles on it. I live in southern Scotland but the car was delivered from Stoke on Trent. It drove up here (Around 300 miles) with no issues whatsoever. After i had driven it about 50 miles, the engine started to overheat ("Engine Coolant Overheating!" came up on the dash). So i phoned the dealer and they said that thermostats are a common fault on the new galaxies and to take it to a local Mechanic and they would fit the bill. So i took it on Wednesday (17/03/21). I phoned the garage about 4pm asking if he'd figured out the problem. He said "Aye, its the thermostat, its stuck shut. I'll have to replace it. It'll be ready tomorrow or Friday at the latest". So Friday comes and i let it get to 4.30pm before phoning. He said "Aye, I've not had a chance to do it yet. I'll have it finished first thing tomorrow". Since the garage was open until 3pm on a Saturday. I waited until 2pm. No answer from the garage. So Monday comes, I phone and ask and he says "I've got the part sitting there and it'll be done later today. I'll give you a phone". I never get a phone. This morning I go to him and ask for my car back. he gives me my car back and tells me that he's replaced the thermostat and housing but the engine is still overheating and the air vents aren't getting hot. He then hits me with a bill for £328.68. Which i paid because i just wanted me and my car away from that garage. The bill was broken down as such:

Electrics: Thermostat    171.90

Lubricants: Anti-Freeze    12.00

Labour  2 hours    45.00

I then took it to another mechanic around the corner who was, quite frankly, furious that this other guy had A. Charged so much and B. Not even fixed the original problem. 

Can anyone advise me what i should do? Have i been completely ripped off and what is the best way to try and get my money back?

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I've already parted with the money. I also feel like im ***** the dealer by getting them to pay for it, because the problem hasn't been fixed. That being said, i did pay £9000 for the car

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Did you ever find out what the cause as for overheating, as I have an S-Max still overheating following a thermostat replacement?  Thanks.

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Gavin, sadly Ryan does not seem to have visited or logged on since March 2021 so I would think it's unlikely you will be getting a response anytime soon 

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