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Must admit, I rarely see 'new' Mondeos around here anyway.  Still plenty of smokey old Mk3's hanging on though!! :biggrin:

I'm sure I read that there was a new Mondeo coming out this year with more of a crossover design, I wonder if that's been dropped or if the name is changing.

Very sceptical of all these articles now. :unsure: 

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Not seen any of the updated MK5's round here. Depending on how things go, I intend on keeping my MK4.5 for as long as possible as I'm not sure about a MK5. Definitely not getting a SUV (or MPV, apart from the Tourneo Custom I will be buying as an additional vehicle) and the other Ford cars are too small for my needs.

Tom, I think that crossover thing will happen at some point, but it won't be called a Mondeo.

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Yes, I saw the crossover thing somewhere also. I always really liked the Mk 4/Mk 4.5. It would have made a great mile muncher in my company car days but couldn't have justified a car that size nowadays.

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