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Ford Fiesta 2010 Manual MK7 Ignition barrel

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Hi all,

Ignition key goes into barrel but does not release steering lock or allow key to turn to first position. Applied WD40 and lightly hammered with the second key and can now start the car.

The second key needs to be inserted and removed several times each and everytime, and if that fails, the hammering fixes it, albeit until the next time the key is inserted.


Guessing the ignition barrel is on it's way out, Ford main dealer wants £127 for the barrel and another £120 for labor costs to program the barrel to work with existing keys and another £100 or thereabouts for another keyblade.


The cheapest option (unless I've got it all wrong) seems to be getting a £60 barrel from eBay and having an Auto Locksmith make the new barrel work with the existing keys? Is that all to it or have I missed something else that is crucial? If I do purchase a barrel, is there a part number that I should be comparing it against to ensure it will correctly fit my Fiesta?

Does anybody reccomend any auto locksmiths in the Essex area or suggest another cheaper alternative to the main dealer prices?





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Many thanks for the replies. 


Local garage called out an Auto locksmith who quoted £120. Inspecting the barrel saw no issues other than a worn key. So barrel cleaned up, new compatible key cut, transponder switched to new key with the 3 buttons as the old one needed several pressed to find the right spot before they would work.

Job done in under an hour for £70!

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