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Tinny ticking noise on Fiesta Zetec S ecoboost

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I’m been driven mad by this tinny ticking noise, it’s like a tin bit going round in a tin cup. It first happened when going down a hill (steep) then went away, now it’s on and off but not all the time. Been in the garage twice and they said both times it’s sorted and then it’s happened again !! Also water coolant bubbling which I have just noticed yesterday.  I was about to sell the car as garage said sorted, went to drop it off for buyer n it started when they took it for a test drive 🙈embarrassing wasn’t the word I felt terrible.

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Said it was loose handbrake cable. Today they said they have contacted Ford and it’s from the turbo but a natural characteristic of the turbo fiesta aye it’s nothing it’s normal 🙄

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