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Ford Fiesta MK 7.5 Rear Diffuser Swap

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Hi all,

im almost sure this has been previously discussed and debated but I’m struggling to find a coherent tread.

i want to swap the rear diffuser on a 2016 mk7.5 fiesta 1.0  Not ST or S model.

i have seen the bumper swap the places like MCG and maxton are offering but I wish to only change the diffuser to possibly a Zetec s diffuser or something similar. 
I cannot find anything in relation to this so all advice and suggestions are welcome.



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If you’re fitting a genuine ford part you’ll also need the side trims for the bottom of the bumper from the same era of fiesta, the one mentioned above is for a mk7 and wouldn’t be a straight swap onto an ST and vice versa, 

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