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1.4 tdci Injector issues


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Hi, total newbie here, I have a 09 plate 1.4 tdci a few weeks ago I got the strong smell of diesel and it was traced back to a failed injector,  long story short I got the injector swaped out for a reconditioned one and it works fine however I am now getting an imbalance across the other 3. Is this normal to happen? I just want the car back to being able to drive on a dual carrage way and not be overtaken by a lorry. Any help is much appreciated 

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Never had injector problems on mine (YET)

I had a read up via google and the results were shocking regarding this or similar issues.

After a read up on the subject i think i would ensure all pipes / hoses (Inc EGR) that were removed are securely refitted, as well as any electrical connectors.

Or i would visit a good diesel mechanic, or take it back to whoever did the first job.

People may laugh at this but i am a big fan of the forte fuel / injector cleaner, my mk4 astra est and my 1.4tdci fusion run like new after putting this stuff in the fuel system.

Also have a look in the fiesta section as the 1.4tdci is basically the same car but without the fat *****


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Thanks for the reply, I have checked all connections and everything is tight, I have put 2 bottles of red x injector cleaner through since changing the injector. 


I have now got a set of injectors out of a 1.4tdci fiesta (engine running sweet according to the guy) I will get them swapped over and see what happens, 

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On 4/3/2021 at 1:08 PM, fullwavebridge said:

redex is useless i found, FORTE does the magic for me.


I am trying to find this product and give it a try.  I am only seeing it on amazon so far. 

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Thats the cheapest i found, never used the seller.

I wanted to use him if i could collect as i think he is on industrial estate down road from me, contacted him requesting to add option to collect but still waiting.

Otherwise the nearest garage to me charges £17 for 400ml

Not saying that this will sort your problems, but it cleans both my dervs out very well.

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