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can any body help I have a Ford fiesta   2009 I have a whistling  sounds like its the drive belt but i have  replaced the drive belt all the pulleys are OK  I have  been to a mechanic and he  Said its the centre box of the exhaust and he said to fit a new one £300 .  Is it possible for the exhausted to make a whistling sound  I'm just not convinced it is that PLEASE HELP 

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I suppose it is possible if there's a small hole in it. You need to really confirm if the noise is coming from the engine bay area or under your car.

Try holding a cloth or something over the exhaust whilst it's running and see if the noise gets worse as you're increasing pressure in the exhaust system. (Will probably require 2 people). 

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I can rev the car very hi and no sound  but when you drive it .it sound like  drive belt  is going I put 2 new belts in  2 months just in case it was that

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