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Zetec engine rattle Ford fiesta 1.6 petrol

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Hello, my fiesta has been making this noise ever since I bought it back in 2019. Its a rattly noise that occurs between idle and 2000rpm. It goes up with rpm and sounds like it's definitely coming from the engine. If I rev the car up you can't hear it but if I keep the revs steady at that rpm range you can hear the rattle/ticking. It's worse when driving past parked cars and built up areas as I can hear it bouncing of which makes it sound louder. 

The engine is running really well and pulls fine with no problem except for this noise. The car has been serviced by me every 6 months since owning it and I don't rag it around other than a few b Road blasts when the oil is up too temperature. 

Any ideas what this noise could be? Is it something I should be worried about? 

Cheers for any help, I'm quite worried about it. 

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I have recorded the noise. It's only at that rpm range and goes away about 2000 rpm even when cruising. It's not getting worse and there are no other problems other than a slight oil leak on the valve cover gasket but the oil has always been between min and max. 


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7 minutes ago, Nick_T said:

Sounds totally normal to me, my 1.6 unit sounds exactly like that when it's cold. Should be barely audible once it's warm.

It's a lot quieter when warm and idling but there is still a tapping noise at around 1000-2000rpm even when the engine is fully warmed up. It sounds like shaking a ball bearing in a can but a steady noise. It's a lot worse when driving through built up areas as the noise bounces around 

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