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My Focus is currently running Sync 3.4.21020 and radio logo file 1U5T-14G658-AF.

Here is the current list of stations without logos for me.


HITS RADIO UK, Magic Chilled, Magic Musicals, Capital UK, Heart 80s, KISSTORY, Gold UK, Smooth Chill, Capital Dance, BBC Radio 5 Live, Planet Rock, Absolute Rad 80s, Sunrise Radio UK, BFBS UK, Union JACK Dance, talkRADIO, Union JACK Rock, Boom Radio UK, Absolute Rad 70s.



On FM some of the stations are missing their logo on one frequency but have it on an alternative frequency.

This isn’t an exhaustive list but hopefully it helps anyone wondering about their radio logos.

Fingers crossed Ford add more to the next logo file whenever that may be.


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Hi Colin, if I get chance later today I will get a list of what logos I have or should I say what I'm missing. There is one very odd thing I've noticed, if I have the screen set just showing the radio only then the logo for 'Smooth NE' is missing, but if I change the screen split display by pressing the home button then I get the small map on the left and the radio screen on the right and as if by magic the Smooth logo appears. Go back to full screen radio and the logo vanishes. The only thing I can think is there is more than one logo file.

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That would make sense, two sets of logos. A small icon for the Home Screen and a larger one for the audio screen. I suppose it all depends on how they are mapped to each station.

Just out of curiosity I’m going to unzip the logo file on the pc and see what’s in there.

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