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MK3 1.6 TDCI Temperature gauge fluctuates

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Hi All,

I've had my focus for eight months now, and since January, the temperature gauge fluctuates whilst driving.

I've changed the following already:

coolant, thermostat, temp sensor already, water pump, cambelt + tensioners, and battery as that was on the way out.

Strangely on a long run of about 75 miles run it will hold and only dip when going up hills, then straight back up to the middle?

Every other journey it bounces around between medium and 1/4 warm.

I have checked for DTC codes, and none are visible, and the battery voltage on the Ford 'secret' dash menu shows around 12v.

Is there anything else I should look for / be worried about?

Car is on 76k with FSH.

Thanks for any advice.

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