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Leak off fuel pipe, cheap or genuine?

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Good Morning.

I am currently replacing my injectors, but the leak off fuel pipes doesn’t connect/seal the hoses into the injectors properly and they’re ***** and leaking diesel out.

I should imagine I need a new leak off fuel pipe.

I’ve contacted x3 genuine ford suppliers and they’ve all quoted me £130-40 for the part? Although they might have misunderstood as which part I exactly mean?

However the same part in ebay goes for £20-£30 so I was wondering:

Why is the difference in price so cosmic and would the cheap ebay one seal properly into the injectors too? 


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Not quite the same but when I was replacing the diesel filter on my old Merc I noticed the pipes to it were starting to crack.  Replacement ones from merc were stupid money, so I just bought a length of decent quality proper rated fuel pipe off ebay, cut it to length and job done.  I even put better pipe clips on than the originals.

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