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Fiesta mk5 immobiliser strange issue

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2007 Fiesta 1.4 petrol. Starts fine from cold/when left overnight. Drive it for a 10-15 min run, so it's warm, park up, and when returning to car, immobiliser/PATS light rapidly blinks for a minute, then gives code 1:3 = key not detected. Happened 2 days in a row, the first time I jump started if off another car which fixed it (as I just thought it was a flat battery), happened again today, I left it for maybe 10 mins, repeatedly tried again, and eventually it started. 

I know this could be related to battery condition, but its a newish battery, and it starts fine after being left for hours/days! Just seems to fail after being driven and warmed up.

Any thoughts much appreciated - I can get another key done for £65 but no idea if that's going to help.

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Figured it out incase anyone else has this issue - still can't believe this is what it was. When the key is cold, it doesn't work. Warm the key up in your hands with some rubbing and blowing for 30 secs, and it works. Tested it several times and deffo that. You live and learn......... I'm thinking a new key is going to fix this, but guess it could still be an issue with the car ... but hoping it's the key 🙂

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