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Hi does anyone know how much engine oil is needed for a 2015 diesel 1.6 econetic and  recommended oil? 

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Hi Neil,

I've a spare handbook for my previous Fiesta, a 2011 1.6 econetic - it says that the oil should be to specification WSS-M2C913-C and recommends Castrol. It adds if you can't find oil to that spec use 5W-30 to ACEA A5/B5 spec. 

It also says that the 1.6 diesel oil capacity is 3.9 litres inc filter and 3.5 litres exc filter, and the top up capacity (?from min to max on dipstick but am unsure) is 1.6 litres. 

Hoping that makes sense  - goodness knows why I bought a spare handbook, but it's dated Feb 2012 so might want to check it still applies to the 2015 engine...

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