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12V charging unit MK7

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I think I've shorted the 12v charge input (middle seat console) so I changed the fuse (F22, 20a) but that made no difference. Is there anything else I could try before paying out for a new one?


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I couldn't really tell. The original fuse was opaque plastic whereas the new one , you could see the fuse intact. Sorry I guess I need an expert to look at this. I presumed I might be able to sort it myself lol.

Thank you for your help 

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3 hours ago, Neb_engineer said:

Check it's getting power at the fuse socket, then continuity testing the non powered side of the fuse holder to the positive of the 12v socket

Thank you.. going a bit over my head but I can ask someone to do that for me. 

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On 4/9/2021 at 3:40 PM, Luke4efc said:

If you don't own a multimeter you either need to buy one, or take the car to someone who does lol. You need to be able to do a continuity check on the fuse, and test at various points in the circuit for 12v.

Will do. Thank you for the advice 

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mk7 fiesta has two types of fuse boxes located inside the passenger compartment, one of them has two fuses for the power point plug, check this link to identify which fuse box type you are having, and if the box contains two separate fuses for the power point plug then be sure to check both of them.

Fuses (fordservicecontent.com) 

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