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07 Fiesta leaking steering fluid

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I can see fluid on the hose that goes from the reservoir down and meets another hose. see attached leak.png If it was leaking where it joins the other hose would it spray back up

should the fluid be at the proper level when the engine is running.The fluid in my car is down a bit when engine on but goes way down when the engine runs see attached steering fluid levels.png

vide at https://ufile.io/is3gqobr it is 50 MB Leak2.png is a close up from the video. Where is the pump, is that what the hose at the  right goes into or is that the rack?

My mechanic is 20 miles away. There is quite a whine in the steering. If i topped up might i get to him. I don't need expense of him coming here


Thanks for any help



steering fluid levels.png


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